Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Business of Solo Travel

Business travel is hardly glamorous. It is physically and emotionally draining. The thrill of experiencing new places, people and things is quickly replaced by the issue of having to actually accomplish work (usually lots of it over long hours.) As a result you leave the office well after anything of interest have already closed. Compound that with jet lag, the confusion of not knowing where you are going, and perhaps not knowing the local language. Then once you get your bearings and can move around fairly effectively, you begin to miss your partner, family and home. Somewhere along the way, you struggle to find the reasons why you were so gung ho to go in the first place.
Which leads to the question, how do you capture your travels when you are alone and to shy to ask a stranger to take your picture?
You can take great pictures of cityscapes and natural wonders, the famous landmarks too. But how do prove you were there and didn't just download those pictures from flickr to impress your friends? The answer is simple. You take a picture of yourself with a rhino's butt.

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