Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Tale of Two Rhinos

I admit it. I've been keeping something from you.  It's time a come clean.  There exists, in the great City of Lights, a second Rhino - Le rhinocéros by Xavier Veilhan.  C'est incroyable! I know. 

This shiny red rhino is housed in the Modern Art Museum, Le Centre Georges Pompidou (B) which is about a 10 minute cab ride from Musee d'Orsay (A). 

During my two trips to Paris, I never made it to Pompidou.  It was on the list during my second, longer stay but with so many other "to-do's" that item remained un-checked.  I must admit it was deliberate as my appreciation for modern art did not take hold until years later when visiting museums with my children.  They always gravitated towards the oddities displayed in the Modern Art wing.  I came to view these displays through their eyes and found the experience most enjoyable as we made up stories to go along with these works of art.

Xavier has done many other pieces, some which I find, very interesting as well.  On his own website, you can see some photos taken during the construction of the Red Rhino.

Do not fear, Rhino d'Orsay!  Though I have grown to appreciate your shiny red cousin, you will always be my first love.

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