Friday, October 10, 2008

The Hanging Rhino

I stumbled on a great little blog about weird statues. Thirty Three to be exact.

First thought: I am not alone in appreciating this kind of art (Well at least Jeff, John and I are not.)

Second thought: I need to visit some of these places to see and experience them. The joy of watching our kids come across these things would be worth it alone.

Third thought: Awesome, there is another Rhino Photo Op available to our readers.

So if you find yourself in Germany near Luisenplatz Square and the Potsdam’s Brandenburg Gate, say, "Cheese!" and sent it this a-way.


Jeff said...

That is so cool. Will have to check it out one day. Thanks for finding it.

stacy said...

i live in berlin and have seen this rhino a few times en route to potsdam's sansoucci--i quite love it. also this exact statue/representation was shown heavily in william kentridge's Black Box/Chambre Noir film/multimedia piece he made for Berlin's Deutsche Guggenheim, if you can dig anything up about it.

i've come into a recent obsession with these rhino representations, and am happy to have found your site. also the post about paris's musee d'orsay's rhino was great. will be spending more time around here, thanks.

Matthias said...

Stacy, if you have time please snap a photo of this rhino and yourself so I can post. Thanks. I'll look for material on Kentridge.

Rabbi Lars Shalom said...

yeah found myself there