Friday, February 16, 2007

Inspiration for this project

Back in 1996, my friend Jeff and I went on a European vacation via planes, trains, and automobiles. Our base was Paris. Each day we would venture out and about soaking up life in the city of lights. We spent much of our trip trying to capture the essence of our journey. We wrote long journal entries, had meaningful conversations with the people we met, and shot 100s of photos.

On one outing, we went to one of my favorite museums in Paris: Musée d'Orsay. At the front entrance, there is a peculiar sculpture of a Rhinoceros. Inspired by the recently released Ace Ventura sequel movie, Jeff ducked beneath the undercarriage of this massive d'objet d'art. The looks of the innocent by-standers is priceless.

In 2006, my friends, Jeff and John, returned to Paris and I most annoying the identical scene. They graciously answered my request. These two globetrotters returned again recently and relented once more but challenged me to be the next one to be photographed with the rhino in said position. I do not have the means to do so at this time, but vow to do so when the opportunity presents itself. So for now, I challenge you to do it. Send me your photos from underneath the d'orsay Rhino and I will post them here.

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Jeff said...

Great idea! It will be great to see who undertakes the challenge. My rhino shots now stand at 3 over 10+ years. Who can beat that?